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The FBI warns that healthcare companies are prime targets for hackers. The FDA cautions that medical devices need improved security. Compliance regulations are getting more complex. Healthcare organizations need a smart protection strategy to improve security before, during, or after an attack. Learn how Trend Micro can help you improve security while meeting compliance needs.

Breach Detection

Patient information is valuable – because it is a rich resource of identity information, it may contain financial information such as credit card numbers and it also contains private health information. Well-organized criminals will seize the opportunity to steal it. Such attacks are targeted. They are lucrative. And they are devastating for patients. So you need to protect against gaps in your security. With Trend Micro Custom Defense Solutions, you’ll be prepared to:

Data Loss Prevention

Most healthcare breaches result from theft or loss, often from unsecured, unencrypted missing laptops or other devices that contain ePHI. To avoid data loss, reputation damage, regulatory fines, and the resulting revenue loss, you need the ability to identify, track, and secure all confidential data from multiple points within the organization without impacting employee productivity and performance. Learn how Trend Micro’s Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) minimizes the complexity and cost of data security by integrating DLP functionality directly into your existing Trend Micro solutions and management consoles.

Office 365 Security

Many healthcare organizations are making the move to Office 365 to achieve the benefits of the Cloud. Supplement Office 365 security to add the extra layer of protection you need to keep your patients safe.


With the complexity of healthcare regulations, you need security that helps you easily audit and demonstrate compliance on a variety of levels. By the same token, you can’t afford to have malware or unessential content bring down the IT services your providers and patients rely on. We offer a range of security solutions that address the healthcare industry’s needs.

Medical Devices

The FDA recently raised concerns about medical device security risks. Many medical devices can create cybersecurity weaknesses in healthcare networks. Trend Micro Custom Defense solutions can help monitor your network and protect against the exploit of network-attached medical devices. And our Complete User Protection solutions provide virtual patching and other protections for endpoints, mobile devices, and more.

Securing Legacy Systems

Healthcare systems can be extremely complex and costly to replace or upgrade. Upgrading out-of-support systems can take extra time due to compliance, older equipment, or complex integrations. Trend Micro keep legacy systems protected by shielding vulnerabilities with virtual patching.

Cloud and Data Center

As budgets shrink and productivity needs increase, healthcare organizations are moving more data into virtual and cloud environments. Trend Micro Cloud and Data Center security solutions will help you enjoy the benefits of virtualized and cloud environments without worrying about security.

Data, Endpoints, and Mobile Device Protection

Healthcare organizations have many different endpoints, mobile devices, and an evolving “Internet of Things” connected to their networks. The best protection for this wide range of devices is one that focuses on user behavior. Trend Micro Complete User Protection solutions provide inter-connected, multi-layered security for any user, on any device, using any application, in virtually any environment. You can also add protection at the network level with our Custom Defense solutions.