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Trend Micro Attack Surface Risk Management

Operationalize a zero-trust strategy. Continuous monitoring of your security posture

Rapid discovery

Eliminate blind spots and reduce the attack surface with cutting-edge internal and external asset discovery.

Dynamic assessment

Leverage continuous risk assessment to focus analyst efforts and prioritize remediation actions.

Proactive remediation

Automate, orchestrate, and accelerate response actions to mitigate risk and respond to threats using advanced AI and ML techniques.

Why Attack Surface Risk Management?

Actionable attack surface discovery, assessment, and risk mitigation

Measure Overall Risk - Powerful insights for the modern SOC

Trend Micro™ Risk Insights measures risk from vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, asset criticality, XDR, anomalies, and cloud activity.

  • Complete Coverage: Risk, attack, exposure index, and trends track attack pressure, impact, and misconfigurations
  • Custom experience: Dashboards streamline CISO, CIO, SecOps, and IT security
  • Security excellence: Reporting elevates risk management and maps investments to goals

Build Business Resilience - Defend against breaches, reduce security costs, and support operational goals

Meet consolidation, compliance, and cyber insurance goals through attack surface monitoring. Trend Vision One™ combines risk management, XDR, and zero trust architecture to support business objectives.

Leverage attack surface risk management for better breach defense, reduced security costs, and improved operation continuity.

Discover, understand, and respond to risk introduced through corporate initiatives.

Unprecedented attack surface visibility

Gain complete visibility and an accurate, always up-to-date inventory. Trend Micro™ Attack Surface Discovery pinpoints users, internet-facing domains, IPs, cloud apps, cloud storage, containers, and workloads on the internet and internal corporate networks.

Continuous risk assessment and prioritization

Intuitive risk assessment, analysis, and prioritization surface real-time dashboard updates – from individual asset risk scores to detection dates – on all digital assets.

Assess your risk as the global attack surface changes.

Proactive, automated risk remediation

Mitigate and contain risk from an integrated risk management and XDR platform.

Address and respond across security layers and automate remote access control.

Always be one step ahead

Integrate with XDR for valuable insight into attack surface threat activity and proactively reduce overall risk exposure.

Industry-leading XDR

Gain a broader perspective and better context to detect, investigate, and automatically respond to threats. Trend Vision One™ XDR capabilities use native cybersecurity sensors and third-party data inputs from a single console.

24/7/365 managed detection, response, and support

Augment threat investigation for email, endpoints, servers, cloud, workloads, and networks. Extend security coverage, maximize security effectiveness, and detect and respond to threats faster with Trend Service One™ managed XDR.

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