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Trend Micro Cloud Edge SB
Unified threat management as a service for managed service providers

Trend Micro Cloud Edge SB

Cloud Edge SB

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A unified threat management (UTM) solution that combines a physical appliance with an industry-unique cloud scanning function. Trend Micro Cloud Edge provides maximum protection that is managed natively from the cloud, providing zero-touch deployment, multi-tenant management, and complete control of your customers’ security in one central location.

Purpose-Built for Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

  • With our unique, pay-asyou-go MSP pricing model, there are no upfront costs and no term commitments.
  • Trend Micro Cloud Edge integrates with existing tools and processes for maximum efficiency and optimal security

Better Performance

  • Combines a physical appliance with an industry-unique cloud scanning function for maximum performance and protection.
  • Benefit from a nextgeneration, on-premises unified threat management appliance along with the convenience of security as a service (SaaS).

Superior Management

  • Protection managed natively from the cloud provides zero-touch deployment, multi-tenant management, and complete control of your customers’ security in one central location.
  • Simple deployment and user-friendly management allow you to maintain security without compromising on performance.

MSP Features

Cloud Edge is uniquely designed for managed service providers. Offer UTM as a service to your customers and build monthly recurring revenue (MRR), eliminate high upfront hardware costs, and gain the flexibility to change devices any time you need to. Cloud Edge is centrally managed across your entire customer base from the cloud, allowing you to efficiently manage and protect your customers’ environments.

  • Zero Touch Configuration and Deployment
    Ship Cloud Edge straight to the customer site and it will automatically download its configuration from the cloud. Eliminate costly trips and installations, freeing up your technicians to focus on more profitable activities.
  • Centralized Firmware Updates
    Easily keep your customer’s Cloud Edge devices up to date with the latest firmware. You no longer have to drive onsite, plug in a laptop to the console port, manually configure your IP address, dig up the console credentials, and perform firmware updates one device at a time. With Trend Micro Remote Manager, firmware updates can be deployed to one or many devices across your entire customer base from your office with the click of a button.
  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-Product Management
    Manage network, endpoint, and email security across your entire customer base from a native cloud-based management console. No other UTM vendor can provide this combination of security and technology in a simple, easy-to-manage interface.
  • Remote Monitoring Service
    Let our team monitor your customer environments for critical events while you focus on growing your business. You let us know when you want to be contacted and we will keep an eye on things for you.
  • Consumption-Based Pricing
    In line with the rest of our MSP solutions, Cloud Edge is sold on a true consumption basis. You only pay for the devices you use in any given month, and you get every Cloud Edge feature for a flat fee. No more complicated spreadsheets to determine how much each device costs based on which features are or aren’t used, and no more sacrificing security functionality to save a few bucks. If your customers grow and need a larger model or want wi-fi, it’s as simple as trading out the device and paying the new monthly fee.
  • No Term Commitments
    Trend Micro Cloud Edge is available for as little or as long as your customers need it. You aren’t locked in to any term commitments and there are no penalties for returning a Cloud Edge device. You get maximum flexibility to run your business without worrying about losing money on hardware.

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