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Trend Micro Deep Security Software
Runtime security for physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads

Deep Security Software

Runtime security for physical, virtual, cloud, and container workloads


Virtualization has already transformed the data center and now organizations are moving their workloads to cloud and container architectures. There are many advantages of hybrid cloud computing, however, it also comes with new risks and threats. Your organization must ensure compliance requirements are met and that you have security across all of your workloads; physical servers, virtual, cloud, or containers.

Trend Micro Deep Security software provides comprehensive security in a single solution that is purpose-built for virtual, cloud, and container environments. Deep Security allows for consistent security regardless of the workload. It also provides a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs) so security can be automated and won’t impact your teams.


Security as code lets your DevOps teams bake security into their build pipeline to release continuously and frequently. With built-in automation, including automated discovery and deployment, quick-start templates, and our Automation Center, secure your environment and meet compliance requirements quickly.


Builder’s choice. Security for your hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-service environments, as well as protection for any vintage of application delivery—with broad platform support.

Key Business Issues

  • Automated protection
    Save time and resources with automated security policies, deployments, health checks, and compliance reporting across your hybrid environments, such as data center and cloud, as you migrate or create new workloads.
  • Unified security
    Deploy and consolidate security across your physical, virtual, multi-cloud, and container environments with a single agent and platform.
  • Security for the CI/CD pipeline
    API-first, developer-friendly tools to help you ensure that security controls are baked into DevOps processes.
  • Accelerated compliance
    Demonstrate compliance with a number of regulatory requirements, including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, FedRAMP, and more.

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