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Trend Micro IM Security for Microsoft Skype for Business
Instant Protection for Instant Communications

IM Security for Microsoft Skype for Business

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Instant-messaging protection from malware, web threats, content violations and data loss


A growing number of companies are using Skype for Business to connect employees, partners, and customers in real time. While live communication improves productivity, it also presents a new opportunity for cybercriminals to work more quickly, spreading malware, luring victims to malicious sites, and stealing data in a flash. The risk is compounded when communications are federated with partners and customers whose security is outside your control.

Trend Micro IM Security provides threat and data protection for Microsoft Skype for Business servers. Top-rated malware and URL filtering block phishing messages and malicious file transfers. Built-in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls the sharing of sensitive data. Minimize your risk exposure with messaging content filters that warn users of unprofessional behavior. This real-time security solution also helps you avoid conflicts of interest with communication controls to enforce blocks or ethical walls. Its managed centrally with single-sign on and role-based access to minimize administration time.


Protection Points

  • IM server

Threat Protection

  • Malware
  • Web threats
  • Zero-day threats
  • Phishing
  • Data loss
  • Inappropriate content
  • Conflict of interest

Key Benefits

  • Blocks dangerous messages before they reach users
  • Filters malware from file transfers
  • Simplifies compliance with DLP
  • Keeps instant communications professional with content filtering
  • Avoids conflicts of interest and protects privacy by creating ethical walls
  • Lowers administration time and cost

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