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Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration
Real-Time Protections for Real-Time Connections

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Real-time connections demand real-time security

Email, instant messaging, and collaboration systems connect your employees, partners, and customers. But in this real-time environment, attackers can spread malware, hijack systems, and steal data—in the blink of an eye. Email attacks have grown more deceptive, often luring victims to visit fraudulent sites or execute malicious code. With these instant connections, you need instant protection to keep your business safe.

Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration protects your Microsoft mail, IM, and collaboration servers, allowing you to connect and collaborate with confidence. Email and web threat protection are combined with leading content security technologies to stop threats in real time. This combined solution is powered by Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud-based security delivering global threat intelligence and faster performance. The suite locks down all avenues of attack to prevent data theft, infection, reputation damage, and compliance violations. And centralized management, optimized performance, and tight platform integration help reduce administration. With security for communication and collaboration, organizations can safely use these tools to build stronger business ties, innovation, productivity, and growth.

Deliver a safe environment for communication and collaboration stopping threats in real-time before they impact your network.


  • ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft™ Exchange

Central Management

  • Trend Micro™ Control Manager™


  • PortalProtect™ for Microsoft™ SharePoint™
  • IM Security™ for Microsoft® Lync® and Office Communication Server

Protection Points

  • Microsoft Exchange Email Servers
  • Microsoft SharePoint Collaborative Systems
  • Instant Messaging with Microsoft Lync and Office Communication Servers

Threat and Data Protection

  • Compliance risks
  • Data loss
  • Inappropriate content
  • Phishing and targeted attacks
  • Spam and bots
  • Spyware and rootkits
  • Viruses and Trojan malware
  • Web threats



Maximize Protection

Lower your risks with proactive threat protection

  • Stop spam, phishing, viruses, and unwanted email content
  • Block links to malicious websites and dangerous attachments in email and IM
  • Keep collaboration repositories free of malware and inappropriate content
  • Prevent loss, exchange, or posting of sensitive data and files
  • Block threats before they can enter your network with Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ in-the-cloud threat intelligence for email, web, and file threat data
  • Support regulatory compliance with inbound/outbound content filtering and anti-malware

Lower Costs

Get the most out of your IT staff and infrastructure

  • Free network resources by dropping up to 85% of all incoming email with spam detection rated #1 by OpusOne
  • Cut email and SharePoint administration time in half, according to Osterman Research
  • Speed throughput—up to 92% faster than Microsoft according to 3A Principled Technologies Test Report
  • Deliver 206% better latency performance than Microsoft Forefront according to 4A Principled Technologies Test Report.
  • Deliver tight integration with Microsoft features with support for the latest Microsoft platforms

Centralize Management

Streamline administration by enforcing threat and data protection policies from a single console

  • Centralize policy management across Trend Micro security products
  • Coordinate polices across integrated Data Loss Prevention modules available for mail server security as well as gateway messaging and endpoint solutions
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility into threat and data protection for effective security against targeted attacks and data loss

Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration

Protect your communications and collaborations systems in real time.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security For Communication & Collaboration IM Security ScanMail Suite Portal Protect
IM Servers Mail Servers Collaborative Servers
Web Reputations
Email Reputation    
Content Filtering & Data Leak Prevention
Central Management With Control Manager

As the first vendor to secure Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, Trend Micro is uniquely suited to securing your Microsoft mail servers, collaborative systems, and IM environments with our Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration suite. This multilayered security protects your network, data, employees, partners, and customers.

Key Features

Mail Servers

ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft® Exchange
Block messages containing links to malicious sites. Safeguard your mail server with leading antivirus, antispam, and antiphishing protection combined with innovative email and web reputation technologies.

Collaboration Systems

PortalProtect™ for Microsoft™ SharePoint™
Secure your collaborations with web reputation technology to block malicious links and content filtering to scan both the files and web components of SharePoint for malware and other threats. Go beyond standard antivirus protection by delivering scalable strong web threat protection and data loss prevention.

IM Security

IM Security™ for Microsoft® Lync® and Office Communication Servers
Protect your real-time IM communications by blocking links to malicious sites and applying leading antivirus and anti-spyware. IM Security also enables flexible content filtering to ensure appropriate IM use and to prevent data theft.

Centralized Management

Control Manager™
Centrally manage threat and data policies across multiple layers of your IT infrastructure, streamlining administration and providing more consistent policy enforcement.

Key Benefits

  • Protects your Microsoft email, collaboration, and IM systems
  • Stops viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, rootkits, and bot code before they can infect your endpoints
  • Blocks spam, phishing, malicious web pages, and inappropriate content for a safe work environment
  • Rates #1 in independent tests by Opus One, NSS Labs, Dennis Technology Labs, and
  • Defends against data theft, data loss, infection, lost productivity, and compliance risk
  • Reduces management and overall costs


Trend Micro Enterprise Security For Communication and Collaboration

Expand your protection with additional security from Trend Micro

Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration delivers proactive protection for Microsoft email, instant messaging, and SharePoint systems, protecting your business against malware, phishing, spam, malicious web pages, and inappropriate content. You can also easily extend this protection to further customize your messaging security with additional layers of protection such as hosted or gateway messaging security, and data privacy and email encryption.

Trend Micro Gateway Security Add-on Options
Target Protection Add-on Security Advantage
Gateway Messaging Security InterScan Messaging Security Protection for the email gateway that blocks spam and other email threats
Data Privacy and Email Encryption Module for InterScan Messaging Security Email gateway data protection and email encryption
Hosted Messaging Security Hosted Email Security Continuously updated protection that stops spam and email-based malware in the cloud
Other Messaging Security ScanMail Suite for Lotus Domino Mail server security that protects against spam, malware, and other email threats on Lotus Domino
Data Loss Prevention Module for ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange Data protection for email at the mail server
Email Encryption Encryption for hosted, gateway, and endpoint email solutions
Support Services Technical Account Management Services Annual subscription that delivers proactive security services and support (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond)
Project Consulting Services Onsite, project-based professional services

System Requirements:

Multilayered Protection Platform Coverage Advantage
ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange Software: Windows Blocks spam, malware, and other email threats at the mail server
Collaborative Systems
PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint Software: Windows Secures SharePoint against web threats, malware, inappropriate content and other threats
Instant Messaging
IM Security for Microsoft Lync and Office Communication Servers Software: Windows Applies antivirus, antispyware, and content filtering, and blocks links to malicious websites to protect IM.
Central Management
Control Manager Software: Windows Centrally manages security