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Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite
Comprehensive Protection from Gateway to Endpoint

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Protect your enterprise with a secure foundation—from gateway to endpoint

Over time, many enterprises have deployed multiple point products from various security vendors resulting in management complexity, compatibility problems, and gaps in security. To decrease costs and complexity, enterprises need integrated security solutions with network-wide visibility and control.

Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security Suite is a tightly integrated suite of products that secure your network from gateway to endpoint. With comprehensive threat protection and centralized management, you can close the security gaps while decreasing costs and complexity. Powered by Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud-based security, this end-to-end suite delivers global threat intelligence and faster performance. You gain a secure foundation from gateway to endpoint with the following products included in the suite:

Endpoint/Client Protection

  • OfficeScan™ Endpoint Security with plug-ins:
    • Security for Mac
    • Intrusion Defense Firewall
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Integration

Mail Server Protection

  • ScanMail™ Suite for Microsoft® Exchange
  • ScanMail™ Suite for Lotus™ Domino™

Gateway Protection

  • InterScan™ Messaging Security
  • InterScan™ Web Security

File Server Protection

  • OfficeScan Endpoint Security
  • ServerProtect™ for Microsoft® Windows™/Novell™ NetWare®
  • ServerProtect for Linux™

Centralized Management

  • Trend Micro Control Manager™

Enterprise Data Protection (optional)

  • Trend Micro™ Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Trend Micro™ Mobile Security
  • Trend Micro™ Endpoint Encryption
  • Trend Micro™ Email Encryption Gateway

Protection Points

  • Endpoints/Clients
  • File servers
  • Mail servers
  • Messaging gateway
  • Web gateway

Threat Protection

  • Viruses and trojans
  • Phishing and targeted attacks
  • Spam and bots
  • Spyware and rootkits
  • Hackers and intruders
  • Web threats
  • Inappropriate content
  • Compliance risks


Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite

Protect your enterprise with a secure foundation from gateway to client—for network-wide visibility and control.

Enterprise Security Suite

Key Features

Centralized Management

Control Manager

Centrally manage threat and data protection policies across multiple layers of your IT infrastructure, streamline security administration and policy enforcement across your enterprise.

Mail Servers

ScanMail Suite for Microsoft™ Exchange

Block messages containing links to malicious sites. Safeguard your mail server with leading antivirus, antispam, and antiphishing protection combined with innovative email and web reputation technologies.

ScanMail Suite for Lotus™ Domino™

Implement email security as a native IBM® Lotus Domino server application. Block viruses, spam, and other email threats while reducing administration with strong group management, centralized control, and cluster support.

File Servers

OfficeScan Endpoint Security

Secure your Windows servers as part of a comprehensive endpoint security framework by consolidating your endpoints under a unified infrastructure.

ServerProtect for Microsoft® Windows/Novell NetWare®

Get real-time protection for Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare web servers and file servers, preventing them from spreading viruses, spyware, and other web threats.

ServerProtect for Linux™

Simplify and automate security operations for Linux servers, detecting malware in real time with cleanup capabilities to remove malicious code and repair system damage.

Endpoints and Clients

OfficeScan Endpoint Security

Maximize your endpoint security and performance with cloud-based, proactive threat protection. An expandable modular architecture builds all technologies into a single endpoint agent that is deployed and managed from a single console, including:

Intrusion Defense Firewall Plug-in for OfficeScan

Shields against vulnerabilities in operating systems and client applications with virtual patching, a network-level Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) and advanced client firewall.

Security for Mac Plug-in for OfficeScan

Achieve a consistent security deployment and policy across all endpoints, regardless of form factor or operating system with enterprise-class threat protection for Apple Mac laptops and desktops. Flashback, MacDefender, and phishing attacks have shown the need for effective, adaptive protection for Macs.

VDI Plug-in for OfficeScan

Optimize OfficeScan for agent-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments across a range of hypervisors.


InterScan Messaging Security

Stop the majority of email threats and spam in the cloud. Protect your email gateway with powerful software or an integrated hybrid solution that combines the privacy and control of an on-premise virtual appliance with the proactive protection of an optional cloud-based pre-filter.

InterScan Web Security

Protect your end users with a software virtual appliance that provides application control, leading anti-malware, real-time web reputation, and flexible URL filtering—so you can prevent web threats from entering your network.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a security foundation across your network
  • Minimizes risks with real-time, proactive protection
  • Delivers broad platform support for heterogeneous environments
  • Maximizes insight with consolidated reporting and advanced threat statistics
  • Reduces management complexity and overall costs
  • Prevents data loss and compliance risk with optional Enterprise Data Protection

System Requirements:

Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite creates a solid security foundation across your network with broad platform support that provides security for heterogeneous environments and protection for your unique network configuration.

Add Enterprise Data Protection—for Complete End User Protection

Secure your data from gateway to mobile devices by adding Trend Micro™ Enterprise Data Protection, a full set of data security products that integrate within your Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite. By combining threat and data protection in a flexible, centrally-managed solution, it lowers the cost of and effort to deploy and manage while closing critical security and compliance gaps—for complete end user protection. Enterprise Data Protection is also available as part of our most comprehensive enterprise security suite: Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security and Data Protection.

Enterprise Data Protection includes these products:

  • Trend Micro™ Integrated Data Loss Prevention
  • Trend Micro™ Mobile Security
  • Trend Micro™ Endpoint Encryption
  • Trend Micro™ Email Encryption Gateway
Multilayered Protection Platform Coverage Advantage
InterScan Messaging Security
  • Software Virtual Appliance: VMware, Hyper-V, Software Appliance
  • Software: Windows, Linux
Safeguards the email gateway from spam and other email threats
InterScan Web Security Software Virtual Appliance: VMware, Hyper-V, Software Appliance Safeguards the web gateway from web threats and includes URL filtering
Mail Server
ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange Software: Windows Blocks spam, malware, and other email threats at the mail server
ScanMail Suite for Lotus Domino
  • Software: Windows, Linux for x86, IBM AIX, IBM i5 OS, Sun
  • Solaris™, Linux on IBM® zSeries, IBM z/OS
Blocks spaml, malware, and other email threats at the mail server
File Server
OfficeScan Software: Windows VDI support is available as an add-on Secures Windows servers
ServerProtect for Windows/Novell NetWare Software: Windows, Novell NetWare, VMware ESX Secures Windows and NetWare file servers
ServerProtect for Linux Software: Linux Secures Linux file servers
OfficeScan Software: Windows VDI support is available as an add-on Protects Windows clients
Security for Mac Included plug in for OfficeScan: Apple Macintosh Protects Macintosh clients
Intrusion Defense Firewall Included plug in for OfficeScan: Windows Provides proactive HIPS and virtual patching
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Included plug in supporting range of hypervisors Agent-based security for VDI deployments
Central Management
Control Manager Software: Windows Centrally manages security